Urge Gov. McCrory to Boost Conservation Funding

Dear Supporter,

Governor Pat McCrory is creating his proposed budget for the next two years. The state's four conservation trust funds have been cut dramatically, and because of that, fewer forests, stream banks, farms and park lands have been protected. We need your help to boost conservation funding to safeguard air and water quality, create parks and trails, preserve family farms, and maintain healthy wildlife habitat.

As Charlotte Mayor, McCrory was a champion for land conservation efforts to protect drinking water quality in Mountain Island Lake, and a strong supporter of greenways that have brought opportunites for families to hike and bike, and economic development, to the Charlotte region.

We need you to send a message today to Gov. McCrory urging him to provide adequate conservation funding in his budget.

He will have many difficult choices to make in his budget, but this is not one of them. If Gov. McCrory does NOT include funding for these programs, it is extremely unlikely that the state house and senate will insert such funding in their versions of the budget. So now is the time to act!

We've provided you with a template message, but please personalize your message to tell Gov. McCrory why you care about land and water conservation. Thank you for your help!

Yours truly,

Reid Wilson
Executive Director

Land Trust Accreditation Commission North Carolina Land Trusts