Tell State Forester Decker not to trade Oregon's largest tree to a timber company!

State Forester Doug Decker recently approved plans that identify a parcel with rare coastal old growth on the Clatsop State Forest for trade to a private timber company.  The land includes Oregon's largest tree! No such trade must happen.  

The state's largest tree is a mammoth - a red cedar 17 feet in diameter!

Decker's plan names the parcel as a "high priority for exchange because of its isolated position on the landscape and its favorable position relative to Lewis and Clark Oregon Timber LLC’s  ownership and road pattern."

Rather than trading this parcel to a timber company, this gem should be permanently protected by a transfer to state parks or a land conservancy.   

State Forester Decker has increased harvests twice since he started in 2010.  Now it's time for real action for conservation.

Please send a note to the State Forester telling him to change the Land Exchange Plan to make conservation the priority for the "Hug Point" parcel, and not trade to a timber company.

Notes can be individualized, so let Forester Decker know why you value Oregon's old growth.