test New Congress Welcome and Farm Bill Action Alert

New Congress Welcome and Farm Bill Action Alert

On the first day of the 113th Congress, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid introduced legislation (S. 10) based on the version of the Farm Bill the Senate passed in 2012, which included a $4.49 billion cut to SNAP benefits. Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow said she is “committed to convening a Committee mark up as soon as possible, to produce an updated version of the Farm Bill, which could then be substituted for Majority Leader Reid’s placeholder bill.”

Like all bipartisan pieces of legislation, the bill is a product of compromise, and contains some concessions which are not perfect, including some limited cuts to the SNAP program and the de-linking of the need to protect and conserve conservation practices as a condition of receiving federally subsidized crop insurance. However, this bill consolidates and streamlines programs, and would reduce the deficit by $23.6 billion. In addition, this bill contains some strong provisions that Wholesome Wave has worked on and supports, including the Healthy Hunger Free Community Incentive Grants, Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program, Specialty Crop Block Grants, Community Food Projects, and Innovations in the SNAP program. 

We encourage you use the Salsa form below to write your elected officials, welcome them to the new Congress, and ask them to oppose any amendments to the Farm Bill that would either further reduce funding for SNAP or eliminate or weaken important programs. Please feel free to customize this form letter in anyway you like. The more personal the letter is, the more impact it has. 

Thank you!

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