Please Take Action

Send a letter to the President urging him to protect our fishing jobs

Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay supports American industry and fishing jobs. We are not opposed to mining, but the Pebble Mine is clearly the wrong mine in the wrong place and threatens our livelihoods. The EPA has already released its draft watershed assessment for Bristol Bay, detailing the risks to the fishery posed by hardrock mining. It’s now time for Americans to make their voices heard and for the Administration to quickly finalize the Watershed Assessment and protect Bristol Bay. We need your voice to protect the largest wild salmon fishery on the planet and our fishing jobs.

Please take a quick minute of your time to fill in your contact information and send a letter to the President now. The future of Bristol Bay is in the hands of the President. That is why it’s so crucial that you take a moment to contact the administration today and ask that they do the right thing in Bristol Bay. Help us fight for thousands of commercial fishing jobs, for America's seafood industry, and for generations to come

The facts:

  • Bristol Bay supports 14,000 full and part-time jobs and $1.5 billion in economic activity, but is under threat from the proposed Pebble Mine.
  • The Pebble Mine would be built at the headwaters of two of the rivers that feed the world’s largest and most productive sockeye salmon fishery.
  • The mine would create over 10 billion tons of toxic waste that must be stored and treated forever.
  • Even trace amounts of toxins in Bristol Bay’s watershed could destroy the areas where salmon spawn each and every year.