Ask Governor Patrick to Build the Charles River Underpasses

The Massachusetts State Government is considering whether to build pedestrian underpasses along the Charles River at the Anderson Memorial (Harvard Square), Western Avenue, and River Street bridge intersections on the Boston side. These underpasses:

  • need to be built now, while the bridges are being restored, not 75 years from now during the next bridge renovation project;
  • can be easily and inexpensively integrated into the construction plans while the bridge restoration is in progress;
  • will make it safer and easier for cyclists, runners, skaters, wheelchair users, and pedestrians to enjoy the river paths;
  • will bring benefits to public health, recreation, and the environment; and
  • will reduce congestion for vehicular traffic.

But, without your support, the State will not complete the project!  We need Governor Patrick to instruct Secretary of Finance and Administration Gonzalez to release the funds authorized in the Transportation Bond Bill. We need Secretary of Transportation Davey to add underpasses to the bridge designs.  We also need Secretary of the Environment Sullivan and DCR Commissioner Lambert, who manage the Charles River Parklands, to show their support for the underpasses.  

Now is the time to make this happen! With the expanding Hubway bike system and increases in bicycle use, with more attention to the obesity epidemic and the need for healthy exercise, and with alternative transportation modes becoming a major priority, why not seize the opportunity offered by the bridge restoration to improve the paths? Why not make it safer, quicker, and more pleasant to run, bike, or walk along the river? Why not build a carbon-free commuting and exercise path for the 21st century?

Tell Governor Patrick and the four other State Officials that NOW IS THE TIME TO BUILD THE UNDERPASSES!  Type your signature in the letter below, enter your contact information, click send, and a letter will be sent on your behalf!  

TO: Governor Deval Patrick

CC: Commissioner Edward Lambert

CC: Secretary Rick Sullivan

CC: Secretary Richard Davey

CC: Secretary Jay Gonzalez

Join with the Charles River Conservancy in telling the Governor "NOW IS THE TIME TO BUILD THE UNDERPASSES!"  

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