Take Action Against Destructive Charter Regulations

Thank you!

You prevented the opening of virtual charter schools in New Jersey.

Now, you can help us stop more destructive changes to New Jersey charter school regulations.

Last summer, more than 5,500 of you signed our petition opposing virtual charter schools in New Jersey and you won! The two proposed virtual charter schools did not open and the New Jersey Department of Education withdrew new regulations that would have allowed virtual charter schools in our state.

But Commissioner Cerf is pushing other changes to charter school regulations that would give him the power

  • to expand existing charter schools into new school districts;
  • to enlarge a charter school’s grade and enrollment levels; and
  • to change a charter school’s mission,

all without going through the charter approval process.

These changes would ignore the wishes of host communities and violate the charter law.

Please let Commissioner Cerf, the legislature, and the State Board of Education know that you oppose giving the Commissioner of Education unchecked powers and that you want local democratic control of your public schools by following the prompts below!


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