Chicago Sun Times: Apologize to Laverne Cox and institute standards for covering transgender people


Join us in calling on the Chicago Sun Times to apologize for their transmisogynist column and institute transparent new standards for covering transgender people. 

UPDATE: As of 3:24pm Eastern on Tuesday, June 3, the article has disappeared from the Sun Times' site, with no apology or explanation. Removing the article doesn't erase the harm it has already done. Please sign below to ensure nothing like it is printed again.

UPDATE: VICTORY! As of 4:27pm Eastern on Tuesday, June 3,  Thanks to your efforts and the work of GLAAD and transgender leaders in Chicago, the Chicago Sun Times has apologized for running their anti-trans hate column. WAM!mers generated thousands of tweets and nearly 1000 signatures in under 6 hours to help secure this major win for gender justice in the media. Moving forward, we hope the Chicago Sun Times and all media outlets everywhere will adopt GLAAD's standards for reporting on trans* people and issues. We know you'll join us in ensuring they do. 

WAM!on, everyone! 

This petition has a goal of 2000 signatures
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Number Date Name Location Why is this important to you?
1011 8 months ago camila bortolleto Danbury, CT
1010 8 months ago meagan cea bayport, NY
1009 8 months ago Jordan Ealey Stone Mountain, GA Trans men and women deserve our love, support, and protection.
1008 9 months ago Brandon Musselman
1007 9 months ago Clair Burrell Somerville, This is important to me because trans men and women are valuable.
1006 9 months ago Sarah Smith
1005 9 months ago Alissa Pagels Chicago, Down with hate speech!
1004 9 months ago Rakhi Agrawal
1003 9 months ago Sue Christiansen Iowa City, IA
1002 9 months ago Larry Eubank ---, IN Williamson's article was sort of a "reality check" -- a reminder or some inescapable truths. The deviant faction responded by calling plain facts "hate." That's repressive. It reminds me of an old E...
1001 9 months ago Sanah Baig
1000 9 months ago Sara Williams Littleton, CO For a respected newspaper to have printed the ignorant, hateful nonsense of some misogynist is soooo wrong!
999 9 months ago Jenn Forbes WA
998 9 months ago Jessica Stites IL I was horrified to see this piece in my local paper. I'm an editor and I cannot fathom what the Sun-Times editors were thinking. To my knowledge it is standard practice--in all types of journalistic...
997 9 months ago Lauren Costine I am an LGBT activist and all discrimination: heterosexism, homophobia, transphobia, lesbianphobia, biphobia and transmisogyny sickens me.
996 9 months ago Joanna Cifredo Washington , DC Our gender is not up for debate and its not for you to decide.
995 9 months ago Rebecca Siegel Phoenix, AZ This kind of hate speech is never acceptable. Shame on you Sun Times!
994 9 months ago molly mccullough
993 9 months ago John Wolf Chicago, IL
992 9 months ago A P
991 9 months ago Lauren Adamski Northampton, MA
990 9 months ago Adriann Barboa abq, NM
989 9 months ago S. Keedian Winnipeg, MB
988 9 months ago Erin Katherine Northlake, IL
987 9 months ago Jo Jones London, ot
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