Tell BP to Come Clean

On Sunday, April 20th, the nation marked the fourth year since the beginning of the BP disaster. BP America’s President John Mingé chose this moment to declare that “[n]o company has done more to help a region recover.” We beg to differ.

As BP pumps millions of dollars into misleading PR, Gulf residents continue to witness the impacts of the 2010 drilling disaster. Enough is enough. Join us in telling BP and state and federal leaders that we aren’t fooled by BP’s self-serving spin. Sign the petition below to demand that BP take responsibility and restore the Gulf!

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4171 3 days ago Yvonne Fast Aalborg, ot
4170 4 days ago Casey Jo Remy Days Creek, OR
4169 6 days ago Ian Brown Cheadle, None
4168 1 week ago Kimberly Wiley Rochester, NY
4167 1 week ago Yvonne Fast Aalborg, ot
4166 1 week ago John Sodrel New Albany, IN
4165 1 week ago Juliana Ley Sault Sainte Marie, MI
4164 1 week ago Barbara Cowan MA
4163 1 week ago Carla Lamarr Maragte, FL
4162 1 week ago Mary Dostal Billings, MT
4161 1 week ago Bo Baggs Port Arthur, TX
4160 1 week ago Dennis Nolan Sun City West, AZ
4159 1 week ago David Snowi Metairie, LA
4158 2 weeks ago Rachele Laccetti Roma, None
4157 3 weeks ago Carolyn Friedman Willow, NY
4156 3 weeks ago deborah beck Peekskill, NY
4155 3 weeks ago MC M QC
4154 3 weeks ago John Young San Benito, TX
4153 4 weeks ago Linda Gazzola Bronx, NY
4152 4 weeks ago Len Hjelmeland Edmonton, AB
4151 4 weeks ago Emily Boliver Laurel, MS
4150 4 weeks ago Tom Finholt Wildwood, MO Save the coral reefs and rainforest and lions.
And, save the tigers, bears, and gorillas and keep the beaches and oceans much more clean, and
pure for everyone to enjoy. Thomas Finholt neo
4149 4 weeks ago Mary Rausch Lynnwood, WA
4148 4 weeks ago Linda Morgan San Pablo , CA
4147 4 weeks ago Mary Leon San Antonio, TX Spend some of your profits, BP and FINALLY clean up the Gulf!
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