Tell Dr. Weil: Get the GMOs out of Supplements and Support GMO Labeling in Washington State!

It’s a medical mystery.

Healthy lifestyle guru Dr. Andrew Weil says genetically modified organisms (GMOs) cause “ranges of health problems” in animals. He favors GMO labeling laws, he says, because consumers should have the right to know if products contain GMOs.

Yet the good doctor’s company, Weil Lifestyle LLC, is a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) – the top donor so far to the campaign to defeat a GMO labeling initiative in Washington State, and a major contributor ($2 million) to the campaign that last year defeated Proposition 37, a similar GMO labeling initiative in California.

Not only that, but Weil Lifestyle knowingly sells supplements that contain GMOs. Unlabeled.

Please send a letter with the form below. Tell Dr. Weil and Weil Lifestyle LLC: Get the GMOs out of Supplements and Support GMO Labeling in Washington State!

In this 2011 video Dr. Weil says it’s “hard to foresee all of the downstream consequences” of genetically engineering our food. Genetic engineering “might cause allergies, we don’t know.”

And in this blog post, the doctor says that the arguments for and against labeling are “pretty obvious.”

“Those in favor of labeling (myself included) believe that consumers have a right to know when foods are modified with genes from another species.”   

Yet when we called the Weil Lifestyle consumer product line to ask if the company sold supplements containing genetically modified soy (soy lecithin), the customer service representative said that their supplements containing soy lecithin are “not certified GMO-free.” (There are two exceptions: CO Q10 and Vitamin E, which contain non-GMO soy lecithin, the company said).

So why not label supplements containing GMOs? According to an email from a member of the company’s Vitamin Advisor Team:
“Unfortunately non-organic foods and even foods labeled GMO-free cannot be guaranteed 100% free of genetically engineered ingredients. This is primarily due to cross-pollination or cross contamination.”

So. To summarize. Dr. Weil believes GMOs may be bad for our health, and that products containing GMOs should be labeled. But not products sold by Weil Lifestyle? Because why bother labeling as long as there’s a possibility that non-GMO crops might be contaminated?

Barely two weeks after California’s Proposition 37 was defeated by a razor-thin margin, thanks to a $46-million campaign of lies and misinformation, Dr. Weil chastised fans gathered one of his book-signings in San Francisco for failing to pass the initiative. According to blogger Eric Riess, Weil said, “How could you let that fail?”

Fans should have asked him: “How can you belong to a trade group that spent $2 million to defeat Prop 37?”

It’s time for Dr. Weil to stop preaching one thing, while he practices another.

Please send your letter today. Tell Dr. Weil and Weil Lifestyle LLC: Get the GMOs out of Supplements and Support GMO Labeling in Washington State!

Additional background
Here are a few more interesting facts about Dr. Weil, taken from this article in the Health Wyze Report.

Dr. Weil was an early proponent of using canola oil for cooking. Canola was developed from the rapeseed plant, using traditional plant breeding techniques to rid the rapeseed of erucic acid and glucosinates. According to the International Service for the Acquisition of Biotech Applications, 97.5 percent of the canola grown today in Canada (where most of North America's canola is grown) is genetically engineered. Weil has referred to canola oil as the “healthiest” cooking oil. It was Dr. Joseph Mercola, according to Health Wyze, who pointed out that once canola oil is heated, it releases 1,3Butadiene, benzene, acrolein, formaldehyde, and other related poisonous compounds which become infused into the foods being cooked. Mercola reported that:

"During processing, the omega-3 fatty acids of canola oil are transformed into dangerous trans fatty acids; similar to those found in margarine, and possibly even more dangerous. A recent study indicates that 'heart healthy' canola oil actually produces a deficiency of vitamin E, a vitamin required for a healthy cardiovascular system. Other studies indicate that even lower ucic acid canola oil causes heart lesions, particularly when the diet is low in saturated fats."

Given Dr. Weil’s early endorsement of genetically modified canola oil, and his company’s continued practice of selling supplements containing GMOs, without labeling them, we have to ask: Has Dr. Weil only recently spoken out against GMOs and for GMO labeling, because he knows that more than 90 percent of consumers want GMOs labeled?

More to the point: When will Dr. Weil resign from the GMA, stop selling supplements containing GMOs, and start supporting – financially – I-522, the Washington State ballot initiative to label GMOs?

Dr. Weil publicly practices alternative medicine in a manner that ultimately discredits it. He has been placed in an excellent position to do this by the long-standing enemies of alternative medicine - mainstream media and publishing houses - whose funding from the pharmaceutical industry exceeds that from all other sponsors combined.

Dr. Weil and his foundation have partnered with paid in excess of $3.9 million in monthly sales commissions, donations and quarterly royalties, before the relationship soured and sued Weil. In addition, also pays a monthly honorarium directly to Weil.

Source: Health Wyze Report