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Tell the USDA: No ‘Coexistence’ with Monsanto!

 The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) wants to know what you think. The agency is seeking public comments (deadline extended to March 4, 2014)  on what it can do to “promote the broad adoption of local, voluntary solutions aimed at facilitating coexistence” between genetically modified crops and organic/non-GMO crops. 

We’ve got an easy answer for them and we’ve said it all before: Voluntary solutions? No! Coexistence with Monsanto? Hell no!

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It should be a crime for seed companies like Monsanto to release genetically engineered crops into the environment, knowing that they will inevitably contaminate organic/non-GMO crops. Prevention of contamination should be the seed companies’ responsibility. And it should be mandatory.  There are no “voluntary solutions” to the fact that genetically engineered crops will eventually destroy organic/non-GMO crops. 

But there are two mandatory rules that work very well to prevent genetic contamination: GMO labels and GMO-free zones. 

More than 60 countries have mandatory GMO labels that let consumers opt out of Monsanto’s involuntary human feeding trials. More than 40 countries, (including the U.S.) have regions, some countrywide and some local, that are GMO-free zones that let farmers protect themselves from contamination.

The USDA needs to tell the truth. There is no such thing as “coexistence.” As long as GMOs aren’t safety-tested, aren’t regulated and aren’t labeled, we face, in the words of a federal judge’s warning to the USDA, the “potential elimination of a farmer’s choice to grow non-genetically engineered crops, or a consumer’s choice to eat non-genetically engineered food.”

Please sign the petition and add your own comment before March 4.

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26926 15 hours ago jeff dennis Yountville , CA Why as a people in the most powerful country on the planet are we dead set on killing our own for profit? Do the right thing for the people and not your pockets... ENOUGH...
26925 1 day ago Barbara Chan Edmonton, AB
26924 1 day ago Linda Bergh Downers Grove, IL
26923 1 day ago a.d. moore Austin, TX With all the cross contamination, there is NO COEXISTENCE!
26922 2 days ago Elizabeth Patten Chichester, NH
26921 2 days ago fran guterl Slippery Rock, PA
26920 4 days ago Linda Lane Waltham, MA
26919 4 days ago Anonymous Lindenhurst, NY Stop selling yourselves!
26918 5 days ago Elaine Fredrick New Brighton, MN
26917 6 days ago gloria watson Jacksonville, FL
26916 6 days ago John Lucas Allentown, PA
26915 6 days ago Joleen Santos Allentown, PA
26914 7 days ago Anton Nemeth Diamond Springx, CA The kind of "cooperation" proposed by Monsanto is similar to the "cooperation and "coexistence" we proposed to the Native Americans. There are precious few left, and all the evidence show that there...
26913 7 days ago Anonymous tpa, FL
26912 7 days ago Elaine Swavely Reading, PA
26911 1 week ago James Miles Clovis, NM
26910 1 week ago William Burgin Fruita, CO
26909 1 week ago Dale Dickerson Springfield, OH
26908 1 week ago Heidi Jamititus SLC, UT
26907 1 week ago Robyn Johnson Modesto, CA We The People are tired of Monsanto and chemicals being fed to us. We denounce your poison and will start protesting to fix this country
26906 1 week ago Claire Swauger yorktown, VA
26905 1 week ago Peter Croce FL
26904 1 week ago JUames & Leslea Kunz New Bern, NC
26903 1 week ago Julia Bruner Tallahassee, FL
26902 1 week ago Krista Polito omaha, NE
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