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Tell Robert Niblock, CEO of Lowe’s: Stop Selling Bee-Killing Plants and Pesticides!

 Earlier this year the OCA, Friends of the Earth and other groups gathered  more than a half-million petition signatures to Frank Blake, CEO, Home Depot and Robert Niblock, CEO, Lowe's, asking them to stop selling plants pretreated with bee-killing pesticides. 

A representative for Mr. Blake and Home Depot has reached out, and we are in discussions with Home Depot about how to source plants that are not coated in deadly neonicotinoids (the pesticide most implicated in the die-off of bees).

But so far, no word from Mr. Niblock or Lowe’s.

Please tell Robert Niblock, CEO of Lowe’s, stop giving us the silent treatment! Please tell us that Lowe’s will stop selling bee-killing plants and pesticides!

A recent study co-authored by the Friends of the Earth and Pesticide Research Institute found that seven out of 13 samples of garden plants purchased at top retailers in Washington D.C., the San Francisco Bay Area and Minneapolis contain neurotoxic pesticides known as neonicotinoids.

Neonics, made by Bayer CropScience and Syngenta, are the fastest-growing class of synthetic pesticides. 
They’re also linked to the mass die-off of honeybees. 

How do we get bee-killing plants out of garden centers? We start by asking the CEOs of two of the largest national chains – Home Depot and Lowe’s – to stop selling them. 

Thank you, Home Depot, for reaching out—we hope to work closely with you until there are no more bee-killing plants and pesticides in your stores.

Lowe’s? Can you hear us buzzing now?

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28854 17 hours ago ZORAN STARCEVIC MONTEREY, CA Give bees a chance! Bees pollinate 80 percent of fruits and vegetables.
28853 18 hours ago Juliana Burke Colorado Springs, CO The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
28852 1 day ago brenda kothbauer chetek, WI
28851 1 day ago Encarna Ortiz Sevilla, KY
28850 1 day ago Clifford Smith Marion, OH I am a retired Vet and loyal customer of lowes in my community. I purposely have plants in my garden to attract and maintain bees. Please stop selling these bee killing plants and pesticides. Please!
28849 1 day ago Pat Mair ot
28848 1 day ago Fatima Musa Copenhagen, Denmark,
28847 1 day ago Nicole Loh
28846 2 days ago Dita Škalič
28845 3 days ago Yancey LeCroy Clarkston, GA I am a huge fan of Lowes but this issue is very important to me. Please help the bees!
28844 3 days ago Mariam Andalibi Andover, NJ
28843 7 days ago Lorraine Goodwin Jefferson, GA We must have Bees ! Stop selling plants treated with bee-killing pesticides ! Or No more shopping with your company !
28842 1 week ago Jenniefer Shelton MI
28841 1 week ago Joe Gatchel colorado springs, CO I have a hive. Stop killing my bees.
28840 1 week ago Anonymous Hawthorne, CA
28839 1 week ago Sheila Dillon Willmar, MN
28838 1 week ago Wink Einthoven Amsterdam, ot
28837 1 week ago Olga Troyan Taraz, KZ+17
28836 1 week ago Margaret Davis Muskegon, MI If this is what you sell than this is what I won't buy. I will tell my friends and family of it as well. WAKE UP. We need the bees u dummies so our crops can germinate.
28835 1 week ago erin amsler IL
28834 2 weeks ago Sian Lewis ot
28833 2 weeks ago Olivia Niepsuj Chicago, IL
28832 2 weeks ago Olivia Niepsuj Chicago, IL
28831 2 weeks ago faye keogh CA
28830 2 weeks ago Shelley Blam CA
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