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Biggest Fool in Congress? Stop Pompeo from Supporting the Food Industry’s Bill to Preempt GMO Labeling Laws!

Big Food has found its Biggest Fool. Poltico announced this morning that Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) will introduce the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s bill to kill GMO labeling.

April fool’s joke? We wish.

But the joke may be on Pompeo, when consumers nationwide light up his phone lines and sign our petition with demands that he abandon plans to sell out consumers by helping Monsanto and Big Food pass a law to preempt state and federal GMO labeling laws.

TAKE ACTION: Sign our petition to tell Rep. Mike Pompeo: Don’t be a fool. Don’t support a bill that tramples the rights of states to pass GMO labeling laws, and the rights of consumers to know what’s in their food! 

After you take action, please call Rep. Pompeo (202-225-6216) and post on his Facebook page and let him know that you are one of the 90 percent of consumers that want a mandatory GMO labeling law. You can also let him know that a bill written by the food industry should not be used to deny states their constitutional right to pass laws governing food safety.

The GMA’s proposed legislation calls for a federal, voluntary GMO labeling scheme, which the FDA recently said it also supports.

Rep. Pompeo is just plain foolish if he thinks he will be reelected after he supports an industry-written law that goes against what 90 percent of consumers in this country want.

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47445 3 days ago Behdad Parsa Simi Valley, CA
47444 4 days ago Laura Gipperich
47443 5 days ago Bonnie Smith lostant, IL
47442 1 week ago Meredith von dem Bussche PEORIA, AZ I want to know what's in my food and I am a Registered Republican. Our food is now labeled for calories, fat, etc....shouldn't we know if it was genetically engineered in a lab?
47441 1 week ago L R Carpenter St Augustine, FL
47440 1 week ago Dominic Dalesandro Baltimore, MD An imbecile paid off by Monsanto, DuPont or some other poison maker that lie about their products. Does not care about his constituents, his campaign fund is far more important then their health. ...
47439 3 weeks ago Robert Collins GA Since capitalist markets are most efficient when buyers and sellers have complete information, why would anyone want to limit it?
47438 3 weeks ago Melissa Buffaloe CA Hey, how about let the consumers decide what they do and do not want to eat? Please stop letting big chemical companies pay you to potentially poison the population.
47437 3 weeks ago Justine karadontes las Vegas , NV
47436 1 month ago Pete Cahan Syracuse, NY
47435 1 month ago Abbie Opfer MO
47434 1 month ago Mariam Andalibi Andover, NJ
47433 1 month ago Yvonne Lewark Oak Hills, CA unconstitutional bill stop this bill
47432 1 month ago DeAnna Erdelen Covington, LA
47431 1 month ago robert capaldi schwenksville, PA let us know what is in our food!
47430 1 month ago Sherra Franklin Wilmington, NC
47429 1 month ago SUSANNA MINACHEILI thessaloniki, HI
47428 1 month ago Nadine Sachs Highland Park, IL This is a terrible bill restricting access to information needed to
avoid gmo products other than
costly organic alternative s.
47427 1 month ago Don Fanning Flagstaff, AZ
47426 2 months ago Anonymous NJ I have 2 family members who have recently been diagnosed with GI disorders, which I am convinced is a result of the declining quality of our food -- GMOs are the last thing we need!
47425 2 months ago Rachel Frank Glendale , AZ
47424 2 months ago Elizabeth Swisher SF, CA I will fight for labeling of GMOS in my food. I am part of the 90% who thinks GMO labeling is extremely important. It is my number one concern.
47423 3 months ago Dorothy Mikos Wenham, MA
47422 3 months ago Anonymous Norwell, MA
47421 3 months ago Barbara Upton New Paltz, NY
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