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Biggest Fool in Congress? Stop Pompeo from Supporting the Food Industry’s Bill to Preempt GMO Labeling Laws!

Big Food has found its Biggest Fool. Poltico announced this morning that Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) will introduce the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s bill to kill GMO labeling.

April fool’s joke? We wish.

But the joke may be on Pompeo, when consumers nationwide light up his phone lines and sign our petition with demands that he abandon plans to sell out consumers by helping Monsanto and Big Food pass a law to preempt state and federal GMO labeling laws.

TAKE ACTION: Sign our petition to tell Rep. Mike Pompeo: Don’t be a fool. Don’t support a bill that tramples the rights of states to pass GMO labeling laws, and the rights of consumers to know what’s in their food! 

After you take action, please call Rep. Pompeo (202-225-6216) and post on his Facebook page and let him know that you are one of the 90 percent of consumers that want a mandatory GMO labeling law. You can also let him know that a bill written by the food industry should not be used to deny states their constitutional right to pass laws governing food safety.

The GMA’s proposed legislation calls for a federal, voluntary GMO labeling scheme, which the FDA recently said it also supports.

Rep. Pompeo is just plain foolish if he thinks he will be reelected after he supports an industry-written law that goes against what 90 percent of consumers in this country want.

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47401 3 days ago Cindy Black Seattle, WA
47400 3 days ago robert capaldi schwenksville, PA NO! stop this please! we should know what we are eating!
47399 5 days ago Jett Let NY Eff this bullshit!
47398 5 days ago Jett Let NY
47397 5 days ago Giovanna Mealer San Diego, CA
47396 5 days ago Palmer Vilagi Philomath, OR
47395 4 weeks ago Carol Jay MA
47394 1 month ago Swati Sircar Seattle, WA
47393 1 month ago Rene Louis Taylor, MI
47392 1 month ago Sharon Starr Johnstown, OH
47391 1 month ago Eldon Ball Seattle, Seattle
47390 1 month ago Diane Maupin Fall River Mills, CA This new bill is an outrage to U.S. citizens!
47389 1 month ago Carolyn A Roscoe-Clark Cotati, CA
47388 1 month ago Kris Alman Portland, OR A physician, I strongly support Measure 92 in Oregon to enact "labeling of genetically engineered foods produced and sold in Oregon."
47387 1 month ago Brian Pike Cypress, TX
47386 1 month ago Brian Pike Cypress, TX
47385 1 month ago Anonymous Wellfleet, MA GMO are not what is best for the environment, they damage soils, and animals and plants, and children. The monopolization of food is a very limited view from an ivory tower that will only fall, as i...
47384 1 month ago John Van Horn Kansas City, MO
47383 1 month ago Harris Boebel Dallas,, TX If we all want labeling - except corporations - and most of us do we will not re-elect you.
47382 1 month ago Peter Capen Tacoma, WA One cannot help but wonder whether Rep. Mike Pompeo's bill is really designed to keep the consuming public in ignorance about GMO food, so as to protect corporate profits. It's a clear case of prop...
47381 1 month ago E Matos Cocoa, FL, FL
47380 1 month ago E Matos Cocoa, FL, FL
47379 1 month ago Elizabeth Leger Desbarats, ON
47378 1 month ago Elizabeth Leger Desbarats, ON
47377 1 month ago James Phelps Winnetka, CA
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