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KANSAS: Tell Rep. Pompeo: Congress Members Should Represent the People, Not Corporations

Big Food has found a Congressman to sponsor its bill to kill GMO labeling laws. And he’s none other than your Congressman, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.).

We need your help today. Can you call (202-225-6216) and email Rep. Pompeo today? If you live in Rep. Pompeo's 4th district, fill in the form on this page to send him a message. Please tell him that as a Kansas voter, you are outraged that he has supported a bill that tramples the rights of states to pass GMO labeling laws and the rights of consumers to know what’s in their food!

Then can you send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper? All you have to do is edit our sample letter here with your comments and submit your letter to the editor with our easy to use form.

Please share this alert with everyone you know in Kansas and post on Rep. Pompeo's Facebook page here.

Last step: In case you missed it, here is an Op Ed about Rep. Pompeo written by OCA national director, Ronnie Cummins, and Kansas plant breeder and a former U.S. Department of Agriculture crop geneticist, Stan Cox. Please share it on your facebook page.

Why would Rep. Pompeo sponsor a bill, written by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, that would preempt state and federal mandatory GMO labeling laws? When polls consistently show that up to 90 percent of Americans want those laws?

And aren’t Republicans supposed to be pro-states’ rights?

Maybe it’s the almost $170,000 he’s received in campaign contributions from food and agriculture industries. Or the $238,000 from Koch Industries, the billion dollar company run by the notorious Koch brothers.

They don’t call him the Congressman from Koch Industries for nothing. This latest move by Rep. Pompeo is just one more example of a politician working to increase the profits of big business, instead of working to protect the citizens of Kansas.

The GMA’s proposed legislation - introduced by Rep. Pompeo - calls for a federal, voluntary GMO labeling scheme, which the FDA recently said it also supports. 

Take action today and tell Rep. Pompeo that he should be ashamed of himself for listening to Monsanto and Big Food instead of to his constituents.