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Tell the EPA: Stop Dow’s Deadly Duo of Agent Orange and Roundup Herbicides

What’s more poisonous than Dow’s 2,4-D “Agent Orange” herbicide or Monsanto’s Roundup?

Enlist Duo, an herbicide made of both 2,4-D and Roundup.

Deadline Midnight June 30, 2014: Tell the EPA, Don’t let Dow poison our food with its “Deadly Duo” of Agent Orange and Roundup herbicides.

Last week, the OCA submitted more than 19,000 signatures to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requesting regulators reject Dow’s request for approval of 2,4-D for use on the company’s new Enlist brand corn and soy, genetically engineered to tolerate massive amounts of 2.4-D.

But Dow is also asking for approval of a new, even deadlier herbicide. Enlist Duo uses a combination of 2,4-D, one of the toxic ingredients in Agent Orange, and Roundup, whose key active ingredient, glyphosate, is linked to a host of ills, including birth defects, infertility, allergies and cancer.

Alone, each of these toxins has a rap sheet long enough to warrant a ban. Yet the so-called Environmental Protection Agency is ignoring the science. The EPA rejected  the National Resources Defense Council’s petition to take 2,4-D off the market and has so far refused pleas from Moms Across America and Thinking Moms’ Revolution to recall RoundUp.

Will EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy also allow Dow to spray its new genetically engineered herbicide-tolerant food crops with this deadly duo?

The deck is stacked in Dow’s favor. In its review of Enlist Duo, the EPA won’t be considering any of the new evidence on the dangers of glyphosate. And it isn’t looking at the harms to human health when we’re exposed to glyphosate and 2,4-D in combination.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) signaled it will approve Dow’s new Enlist-brand corn and soy crops, even though the agency admits that if the new crops are approved, the annual use of 2,4-D would jump from 26 million pounds to 176 million pounds.

Independent scientists predict the spike in the use of 2,4-D would be even more dramatic.

The proliferation of Roundup Ready crops caused a 527-million-pound increase in the use of glyphosate in the first 16 years, between 1996 and 2011. If farmers start growing Dow’s Enlist brand corn and soy, experts estimate the use of 2,4-D could increase by up to 50 times.

Dow is telling farmers that they need these new genetically engineered “Agent Orange” crops because Monsanto’s genetically engineered “Roundup Ready” crops are failing. (“Super weeds” have predictably developed resistance to glyphosate.)

But Dow and Monsanto don’t want farmers to stop using glyphosate and replace it with 2,4-D. They want farmers to use 2,4-D and glyphosate.  
For Dow and Monsanto, more pesticides mean more profits.

For consumers, Dow and Monsanto’s profits mean more poisons.

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26853 5 hours ago Ira Gerard Elgin, IL There has got to be a more natural way to combat weeds
26852 19 hours ago Deborah King Columbus, GA
26851 24 hours ago Anonymous middletown, MD
26850 1 day ago Connie McLaughlin Ypsilanti, MI
26849 1 day ago Steven Smiglicki Pickering, ON Herbicide use is alleged to be extremely dangerous to animals and the environment.
26848 1 day ago cathy Gee Menifee, CA
26847 1 day ago JAMES MAY MIDDLE RIVER, MD
26846 1 day ago Susan Brown La Mesa, CA Warning, graphic content. "Agent Orange Victims Captured In Heartbreaking Portrait Series Decades After Vietnam War" Take a look at these photos of the birth defects caused by genetic mutations agen

BAN 2,4-D, Roundup and all toxic chemicals and the GE plants designed to be drenched in this garbage. They don\'t need them, they are just too lazy and money hungry to use organic methods that work fine!

Genetic Engineers are speaking out against GMOs.
These biotechnologists at one time believed in and supported GMOs. Is it time for you?

To see more scientists speaking out against GMOs, visit


Abby Martin - Confessions of an FDA Agent

10 REASONS WHY we don’t need GM foods
1. GM foods won’t solve the food crisis
2. GM crops do not increase yield potential
3. GM crops increase pesticide use
4. There are better ways to feed the world
5. Other farm technologies are more successful
6. GM foods have not been shown to be safe to eat
7. Stealth GMOs are in animal feed — without consumers’ consent
8. GM crops are a long-term economic disaster for farmers
9. GM and non-GM cannot co-exist, GM contamination of conventional and organic
10. We can’t trust GM companies
with references

President\'s Cancer Panel: Eat Organic, Avoid Plastics 2010

Horizontal Gene Transfer from GMOs Does Happen

GMOs Shown to be Safe? Science Media Center Exposed for Incredible GMO Deceit

Genetically Engineered Corn May Cause Allergies, Infertility, and Disease

New Hazards in GMOs from Synonymous Mutations

Syngenta uses terrorist tactics against it\'s own scientist who disagrees with them..

The price of truth... Because they dared to speak out about health and medical disasters they were persecuted by those they attacked.

The Corruption of Science

UN Report - Small Scale Organic Farming is the Only Way to Go

“Wake Up Before It’s Too Late:” New UN Report Calls for Dramatic Shift Toward Natural Agriculture

May 19 2014 - GM Foods Neither Safe Nor Needed, Say Genetic Engineers - GMO Myths and Truths2

THE GMO EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES (covers all the false promises)

Come people, wake up to the fact that Genetic Engineering exists solely to sell more pesticide$, herbicide$, and fungicide$ (and it is failing, superbugs, superweeds, even superfungi) and has NO other benefits! AND hey are killing our bees! We need bees to pollinate our food! #GMOFAIL

Have GMOs helped to feed the world, reduce the use of pesticides, or increase yield as proponents have promised? No.

Once released into the wild, it will replicate. There is no way to recall it if it is found to do harm...

How long before it\'s too late?
GMO crops contaminating non-GMO crops across globe through cross-pollination.

This is my biggest fear.. Putting genes back in bottles.'); return false;">...
26845 2 days ago Tracy BEDFORD Liberty Twp, OH
26844 2 days ago Lauren Stone Bakersfield, CA
26843 3 days ago Anonymous Roanoke, VA
26842 4 days ago Anonymous Hawthorne, CA
26841 5 days ago Anonymous ozone paek, NY
26840 6 days ago Amy Wold rochester, MN
26839 7 days ago Olga Troyan Taraz, KZ+17
26838 1 week ago Matthew Brassey ID
26837 1 week ago Terry Poplawski Ukiah, CA
26836 1 week ago Brock Seaton Encino, CA
26835 1 week ago katerina petrascheck encinitas, CA
26834 1 week ago rev scott Karns roanoke, VA
26833 1 week ago Mary Abondolo Crestwood, KY
26832 1 week ago Sheila Mandell Fort Lauderdale , FL
26831 1 week ago jeanne schreurs haelen, ot
26830 1 week ago Roland Lindorfer Rohrbach, ot
26829 1 week ago Jeannette Ernst Neckargemünd, NE
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Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) signaled it will approve Dow’s new Enlist-brand corn and soy crops, Even though the agency admits that if the new crops are approved, the annual use of 2,4-D would jump from 26 million pounds to 176 million pounds. Independent scientists predict the spike in the use of 2,4-D would be even more dramatic.

The use of RoundUp Ready crops increased the use of glyphosate by 527 million pounds in the U.S. in the first 16 years between 1996 and 2011. This second generation of herbicide-tolerant GMOs could cause 2,4-D use to increase to an amount estimated at more than 50 times what farmers are currently using.

Here’s some of the latest research on glyphosate and 2,4-D:

Glyphosate and 2,4-D are linked to myriad chronic illnesses and reproductive problems.

Glyphosate and 2,4-D are endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruptors have been linked to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, early puberty, infertility and other reproductive disorders, and childhood and adult cancers.

Glyphosate and 2,4-D are linked to birth defects, including anencephaly, “a nightmarish neural tube defect in which the fetus does not develop a forebrain, and the rest of the brain is not covered by skin or bone.”

Glyphosate and 2,4-D are linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system, a part of the immune system.

Glyphosate and 2,4-D are linked to Parkinson's disease.

Around the world, farmers and farm workers who handle glyphosate and 2,4-D, and people who live near crops sprayed with the herbicides, are experiencing an epidemic of chronic kidney disease.

In the “Fumigated Towns” of Argentina, where RoundUp is sprayed on genetically engineered soy, cancer rates are two times to four times higher than the national average. Birth defects have quadrupled.