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Tell Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz: Switch to Organic Milk!

Starbucks uses more than 93 million gallons of milk per year, according to 2011 figures (and the company has only grown since then).

That’s enough milk to fill 155 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Too bad it’s not organic.

Please sign our petition asking Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to switch to organic milk!

Starbucks is the largest coffee chain in the world, with 20,100 stores, and annual sales of $14.9 billion.
Imagine the impact a company that size could have on the organic milk industry. And the role it could play in ending the abuse and unhealthy practices rampant in factory farm dairies.

Starbucks likes to tout the fact that since it stopped buying milk that contains Monsanto’s rBGH growth hormone, it uses “GMO-free” milk.

That may be true. But by its refusal to switch to USDA certified organic milk, Starbucks is promoting the GMO agriculture model—because dairy cows are fed a steady diet of GMO feed, including corn, soy, alfalfa, and cotton seed.

That’s an unhealthy diet for the animals. And an unsustainable model for agriculture.

Please join GMO Inside and the Organic Consumers Association in asking Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to switch to organic milk!

Created on: June 5, 2014

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35501 11 hours ago Renee Jacobs Dewey, AZ , United States
35500 13 hours ago Katie Dozier AZ , We want organic milk!
35499 13 hours ago Linda Gazzola Bronx, NY , United States
35498 14 hours ago Anonymous Guilford, VT , United States
35497 18 hours ago Gail Frank Miami Beach, FL , US
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35492 1 day ago Richard Elbert Sunfish Lake, MN , United States
35491 1 day ago Joy Chambers Worcester, MA , United States
35490 1 day ago Loretta Cannon Boise, ID , US You have the power to change the world (really!). Very few people can actually do that by convincing of Board of Directors to make a change! Please try. Thanks so much, Loretta
35489 1 day ago Cameron Clapp Santa Maria, CA , United States
35488 1 day ago William McMullin Royal Oak, MI , US
35487 1 day ago Anonymous CO , US at least offer organic milk. we're willing to pay for it!
35486 1 day ago Carolyn Donovan Willits, CA , United States
35485 2 days ago lisa readance Euclid, OH , United States switch to organic milk it doesn't have added hormones like non-organic milk and it IS healthier!
35484 2 days ago Anonymous Brooklyn, NY , US
35483 2 days ago Lily Maisky Brussels, ot , Belgium
35482 2 days ago Anonymous Triplet, VA , United States
35481 2 days ago Mrs Dunn Shillington, PA , US
35480 2 days ago Jeannine Keitzer Fincastle, VA , US We WANT organic milk!!!!! Get on the ball & switch. We don't want milk from cows fed GMO food!
35479 3 days ago Anonymous El Paso, TX , United States
35478 3 days ago Jennifer Gaspar New Canaan, CT , US
35477 3 days ago Sandra Salois RI ,
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