Stop GMO Apples!

Send a message to the USDA that US consumers and growers are against GMO apples!

Under a new USDA fast-tracked process, Canadian Okanagan Specialty Fruits is seeking approval for their non-browning GMO apple in the US. Okanagan’s “Arctic” apple would be the first genetically engineered version of a food that people directly bite into.

According to the latest study by the Environmental Working Group, conventionally grown apples are the most pesticide contaminated fruit or vegetable on the market. Conventional apples are dangerous, and GMO apples are just a dumb idea - one not even supported by many in the apple industry itself!

The Northwest Horticultural Council represents the tree-fruit industry in the Washington state area which produces about 60 percent of the nation’s apples. They sent a letter to US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack expressing their opposition to the Okanagan application for USDA approval. According to Council President Chris Schlect, the group fears that consumers, especially those in Europe, will turn from Washington-grown fruit if even some of it is genetically modified. "In the end, the projected benefits of the non-browning apples did not outweigh the marketing harm likely to occur to apple growers and marketers, whether traditional or organic."

Not just growers are opposed to this new GMO fruit. A survey conducted by Canadian fruit grower groups found that nearly 70 percent of Canadians opposed approval of the apple, which would first be available in Golden Delicious and Granny Smith varieties.

No testing has been done to assure the apples’ safety in the long-term. We already know that scientists are seeing impacts to vital organs, immunity, and fertility in lab animals fed genetically engineered foods. Organic and conventional growers alike are also concerned about genetic drift. While apple pollen doesn’t usually drift very far, it can be carried by bees and cross-pollination could occur without any means of controlling it.

Send a strong message to Sec. Vilsack and the USDA that US consumers and growers are against GMO apples!