No Free Pass for Monsanto!

Get the Monsanto Rider (sections 10011-10014) Out of the House Farm Bill!

Monsanto's attacks on the law's ability to protect farmers and consumers from unwanted, dangerous GMO contamination may be the boldest example yet of its power over Congress!

Congress managed to leave town to campaign for the November elections without doing Monsanto's evil bidding, but they could be compelled to thank the company for its campaign contributions when they return.

The Monsanto rider was stripped from the appropriations bill when Congress opted for a short-term omnibus spending plan rather than passing individual 2013 appropriations bills. It remains in the House version of the 2012 Farm Bill, which has yet to be acted on. With the 2007 Farm Bill expiring on September 30, Congress is likely to act on the legislation during its lame-duck session after the elections.