Safeguard Organic Standards!

Tell the National Organic Standards Board to keep hazardous synthetics out of organic!

The written public comment period for the October 2012 meeting of the National Organic Standards Board closed on September 24th, but you can still use the form below to submit comments to be incorporated into OCA's testimony which will be presented in Providence.

For the third meeting in a row, the NOSB is being asked to approve synthetic nutrients for use in organic foods, primarily infant formula. At the two most recent meetings, the NOSB approved
ARA and DHA, and then inositol and choline. For the October meeting, they are reviewing eight more synthetic nutrients. None are required by the FDA for fortification (if they were, they'd be automatically allowed), and the health claims for these synthetic nutrients are controversial.

Dean Food's claim that the DHA in Horizon Organic milk promoted "brain health" usually adds between 30 cents to 80 cents to the half-gallon price, but it has drawn criticism from Penny Kris-Etherton, a professor of nutrition at Penn State University, the very scientist Horizon cites as their source. She told
Bloomberg, "It's not right - it's inaccurate. It's really a marketing strategy to sell more of their milk."

Synthetics aren't supposed to be considered for inclusion in organic unless they are essential and not available in organic form. Studies showing the
benefits of DHA are based on fish oil, a non-synthetic source of the nutrient that is available in organic form.

OCA opposes the addition of synthetic nutrients to the national list of non-organic ingredients allowed in organic. Please support our testimony at the October meeting by adding your your name to the petition below.