Tell Oregon Dept of Ag to Keep Canola Out of Willamette Valley!

In a decision that poses an immediate threat to Oregon’s seed growers and organic vegetable producers, the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) has fast-tracked the approval of canola production in Willamette Valley.

The ODA – in response to the biofuel industry - has filed for a permanent rule that would allow the growing of canola, including genetically engineered canola, in a previously designated protection zone surrounding  Willamette Valley. This decision was made after a series of meetings held behind closed doors to allow GM canola to be grown in the valley unchecked and with disregard to existing seed pinning map isolation guidelines.

Tell ODA to HALT the rulemaking process in Willamette Valley!

Please also call the ODA and Governor Kitzhaber's office and tell them we don't want canola in the Willamette Valley! Help us spread the word!

ODA: (503) 986-4552

Gov. Kitzhaber: (503) 378-4582

Send the governor a message here

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Subject: Stop the temporary rule-making process and keep canola out of the Willamette Valley!