Tell Kellogg's You're Boycotting Kashi! Buy Nature's Path!

Scroll down to send Kellogg's a letter letting the company know you're boycotting Kashi and their other brands.

Buying organic, and other non-GMO foods, is the best to way to beat Monsanto. But there's an exception to that rule: Buying organic or non-GMO brands owned by companies actively fighting the campaign for GMO labels!

Kellogg's was a big donor to the No on 37 campaign that spent $46 million fighting Proposition 37, the California ballot initiative for GMO labels. This year, they're at it again, donating to the Grocery Manufacturers Association's efforts to defeat the Yes on 522 campaign for GMO labels in Washington State.
The company spent $790,700 of its profits in California and $221,852 in Washington. A portion of those profits were generated by sales of its Kashi brand, which sells some non-GMO and certified organic products.

Please use the form below to send Kellogg's an email letting them know you're boycotting Kashi and all the Kellogg's brands until the company publicly and financially supports mandatory GMO labels.

Looking for alternatives? Buy Nature's Path. They gave $606,826 to YES on 37 and $220,050 to Yes on 522.

More Reasons to Boycott Kashi & Kellogg's

1. Kellogg's proudly uses GMOs. What does the company tell people who write to complain? "Even organic ingredients can contain biotech ingredients due to cross-pollination." Really? Steering people away from organic and toward GMOs with the argument that organic crops may be contaminated by drifting GMO seeds and pollen anyway, so why bother?  It's criminal that the USDA does nothing to protect organic farmers from GMO contamination, but that's no excuse to use GMOs! 

2. Kashi hides its use of GMOs.  Kashi came under fire after t
he Cornucopia Institute tested Kashi's GoLean cereal and found it to contain 100% genetically engineered soy. The company's response? It tries to convince customers that, but for GMO contamination, its products would be GMO-free. In response to the question, "Do you use GMO ingredients?" Kashi said, "factors such as pollen drift from nearby crops and current practices in agricultural storage, handling, and shipping, has led to an environment in North America where GMOs are not sufficiently segregated. As a result, some of our foods include ingredients made from genetically engineered crops." The truth is, Kashi knowingly and intentionally uses GMO ingredients. Kashi has made a pledge to work with the Non-GMO Project to have 50% of its food, by weight, non-GMO verified by 2015. The other half will still be GMO.

3. Kashi's "natural" claims are a fraud. Consumers have filed a class action lawsuit alleging Kashi deceptively advertised its GoLean and TLC products as “all natural.” Plaintiffs claim Kashi deceptively and misleadingly concealed material facts about their products, including that they contain GMOs. Kashi tried to have the case dismissed, asserting that its food labels are not false or misleading, but a judge rejected the motion, allowing attorneys to pursue compensation for U.S. consumers who purchased falsely labeled Kashi products.