Stop the Next StarLink Disaster!

Who's protecting the public from Syngenta's new Frankenfuel corn?

The Obama Administration's USDA recently approved a new corn variety genetically engineered by Syngenta to be easier to convert to ethanol. Like crops that are modified to produce pharmaceuticals, GMO ethanol crops present a huge contamination danger to our food supply.

The threat is not lost on the grain industry. Five major trade associations whose member companies store, process, and export corn products asked the USDA to reconsider its decision to deregulate Syngenta's Amylase Corn Trait without conditions.

You know Syngenta's new Frankencorn is bad when the industry forces that are complaining about it are the same ones that have been force-feeding us unlabeled, factory-farmed, GMO unhappy meals: the Corn Refiners Association, National Grain and Feed Association, North American Millers' Association, Pet Food Institute and Snack Food Association. We know they don't care how obese or sick the U.S. public gets. They only get concerned when they see liability issues of their own and they've spotted a big one.
Syngenta's ethanol corn has been dubbed the next StarLink, the GE corn that contaminated the U.S. food supply in 2000 and set off serious food allergies in thousands of Americans.

But, the junk food lobby has met its match. Swiss Syngenta spent $15 million lobbying to get their controversial GMO enzyme into America's corn crop.

Who's protecting consumers? The USDA's deregulation decision is final. The only thing we can do at this point is scream bloody murder at the politicians we elect to provide oversight on these issues. Time to write the president and your congressional representatives.