Organic Consumers Association

Tell Naked Juice You've Joined the Boycott!

Enough is enough! First PepsiCo contributes $2.5 million to the campaign to defeat Proposition 37, the California Right to Know ballot initiative to label GMOs. Now the junk food giant has been forced to settle a $9 million class action lawsuit for inaccurately labeling its line of Naked Juice products as “natural” and "non-GMO".

Naked Juice, the Naked Truth

According to plaintiffs, Naked Juice used soy ingredients that are genetically engineered "by design or by contamination." (Naked Juice doesn't use certified organic or verified non-GMO soy.) Naked Juice intentionally used misleading language to give consumers "the false impression that the beverage's vitamin content is due to the nutritious fruits and juices, rather than added synthetic compounds." And the PepsiCo subsidiary contained a laundry list of synthetic chemicals, including calcium pantothenate (synthetically produced from formaldehyde).

In addition to the $9 million settlement, PepsiCo also agreed to remove the label “All Natural” from its juices. While this does represent a landmark victory for consumers, this is no time to rest on our laurels. We clearly can't trust "non-GMO" labels voluntarily supplied by the junk food industry. We also know that the routine mislabeling and marketing of "natural products" has enabled this shadow sector to grow into a $60-billion dollar a year powerhouse by "duping" unsuspecting organic customers.

PepsiCo has other claimed organic and "natural" brands, including Tostitos, Tropicana, Tazo, Loóza, Izze, Sabra, Smartfood, Stacy's, Mother's and Near East. How can we trust what the labels on these products say?

PepsiCo bankrolled the effort to narrowly deny us the right to know in California and now it's been caught using "natural" and "non-GMO" labels to deceive its more healthy-minded customers. The Organic Consumers Association has called for a Boycott of Naked Juice. We're also asking consumers to use the form below to send an email to Mike Torres, senior director of communications for PepsiCo, telling him you're all done buying Naked Juice - or any other Pepsi brand - until PepsiCo and Naked Juice support GMO labeling.

Mr. Torres provides strategic corporate and marketing communications direction for all Tropicana and Naked brands and specialty beverages. He's also responsible for overseeing the brands' social media. So after you send him an email, please visit the Naked Juice Facebook page and tell the company what you think about its betrayal of the consumer's right to know.