Organic Consumers Association

Boycott General Mills and Muir Glen!

It came as no surprise that a company like General Mills donated $1.2 million to defeat Proposition 37, the California Right to Know ballot initiative to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs). But many consumers were surprised to learn that General Mills owns some of their favorite organic and "natural" brands, including Muir Glen, Cascadian Farm and Larabar.

Please use the letter below to tell General Mills and Muir Glen that you won’t be buying any of their products until General Mills, Muir Glen and Larabar support GMO labeling.

Muir Glen boasts that the brand is named after the legendary naturalist, John Muir. But Muir would be rolling over in his grave if he knew how fiercely parent company General Mills fought to defeat the consumer’s right to know about GMOs – especially given how destructive these crops are to the environment Muir loved.

When major food corporations, under pressure from consumers, break ranks with Monsanto and the biotech industry, GMO public policy and marketplace dynamics change dramatically. And we know that General Mills can break with the biotech bullies when the company fears consumer backlash. In 2003, when a consumer survey showed that people did not want GMO wheat, General Mills
stood up to Monsanto to help kill the commercialization of this multi-billion dollar crop.

Tell General Mills it’s time to stand up to the biotech bullies again and support your right to know about GMOs. Until they do, tell them you are boycotting all General Mills brands, including Muir Glen, Cascadian Farm and Larabar. Please sign the letter below to the media relations departments of General Mills and Muir Glen.

General Mills has taken a lot of flak from consumers lately. The company recently posted an “app” on their Facebook page that allowed fans to post a word or two about how they felt about Cheerios. The app generated more than a few words – and they weren’t too kind. It didn’t take the company long to pull the app of the web. Read more

General Mills has been involved in a number of class action lawsuits alleging the company has misrepresented one or another of its products as healthy or “100% natural.”

In the latest
suit, defendants accuse the company of lying to consumers when it says its Natural Valley Fresh Steamers are 100% natural, when in fact they contain genetically modified corn and soy.

Other lawsuits against General Mills include:
•    Two California mothers are
suing General Mill, claiming the giant food company has deceptively marketed its Nature Valley products as natural when they contain highly processed ingredients.

•    The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) filed a class-action
lawsuit against General Mills for the company's spurious marketing claims that its sugary fruit snacks are healthy. The CSPI, a nutrition advocacy group, alleged that including phrases like "a good source of vitamin C" and "low-fat" on the packaging for Fruit By The Foot, Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit Gushers implies that these products promote good health. In reality, the fruit snacks, unlike their naturally-occurring bases, are full of high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives and trans fats.