Connecticut: Ask Your Legislators to Protect your Right to Know about GMOs by Voting for HB 6519 and HB 6527

The Connecticut legislature is currently considering two bills to label genetically engineered foods. HB 6519 would require labels on all genetically modified foods and HB 6527 would require labels on genetically modified baby foods. This is the third year in a row that GMO labeling bills have been considered in the CT legislature, and last year votes were very close. With your help, 2013 can be the year that CT makes food history by passing a GMO labeling bill!

Please ask your state legislators to support our right to know what is in our food by voting for HB 6519 and HB 6527. You can use our suggested letter below, or add your own personal comments for a greater impact.

Citizens in 62 other countries already enjoy the right to choose whether or not to feed their families genetically modified foods (GMOs).  We are demanding similar transparency in our food system. Thank you for taking action.

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