Save Oregon's GMO Free Ballot Initiatives! Stop SB 633!

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber has called a special session of the state legislature for Monday, September 30, that resurrects SB 633 -- dubbed Oregon's Monsanto Protection Act -- legislation that would prohibit counties from regulating genetically engineered crops. We need your help. Elected officials will tell you that hearing from their constituents does matter!

Stop this bill NOW by using the form below to contact your state legislators and submit public testimony to the Joint Special Session Committee which is holding a hearing on Thursday. Then, call Gov. Kitzhaber at 503-378-4582 and urge him to take SB 633 off the agenda for Monday's special session.

If you can come to Salem on Thursday, please attend the public hearing of the Joint Special Session Committee at 2:15 p.m. in Hearing Room A.

If SB 633 becomes law, all local control of agricultural seed and seed products would be removed and replaced by a “one size fits all” policy dictated by the state. This bill is an attempt to silence concerns over genetically engineered foods and gut all county efforts to address the problem of genetic contamination. SB 633 would prevent individual counties from implementing policies that make sense locally.

Oregon farmers are defending their livelihoods -- and your food supply -- against Monsanto, Syngenta and the other biotech companies that have been moving into the state’s seed growing regions with genetically engineered junk-food crops that will contaminate and destroy Oregon’s organic and non-GMO seeds.

SB 633 is an assault on local sustainable agriculture. It takes away the rights of citizens to protect our farms, food and future.

Voice your opposition to SB 633 today by using the form below. Your elected representatives need to hear from you!