Thu, May 09, 2013
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

2013 Disaster Preparedness and Response Webinar: Domestic Terrorism, a Community Disaster

Join our Disaster Preparedness and Response network to learn more about ongoing efforts to prevent, prepare for and respond to domestic terror threats. The recent violent man-made disasters of Sandy Hook and Aurora remind us that terrorism and violence can affect a country, a community, a town, a family in just minutes. As Catholic Charities agencies, - and in times such as these – it is our call to be prepared for all disasters in order to protect our staff and  to better serve those affected in our communities. What steps can your agency take in an effort to be better prepared? What should staff do when observing suspicious activity and respond in the aftermath? How do communities recover from these horrific events? Presenters will discuss how the Faith-based community is working together to foster a more informed public that is aware, ready, and supportive of response efforts related to domestic terrorism as a disaster. Agency Experts: Monsignor  Robert Weiss, Priest of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Newtown, CT and Mike Miron, Director, Homeland Security Advisory Council.

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