TAKE ACTION NOW: Tell U.S. Oil Sands, Inc to Prove It.

U.S. Oil Sands, Inc, (an upstart mining company based out of Alberta, Canada) knows that the U.S. public is aware of the disaster that has been wrought by tar sands mining in their homeland. 

Therefore the company claims to have invented a way of getting oil out of tar sands that is safe for humans and the environment, uses less water, and leaves tailings of sand that are "beach clean." When issuing the water and air permits to the entrepreneurial corporation, the Utah Government utterly failed to make the company prove it.

The waste tailings from their planned tar sands mine in Eastern Utah is perched above of the Colorado River Watershed--the water source for over 30 million people. 

We demand that U.S. Oil Sands, Inc. prove the safety claims relating to air and water made on their mining permits by allowing an agreed-upon third party to conduct a thorough, public investigation. 

We the People understand that we are ultimately responsible for holding the industry accountable. If the State of Utah won't do their job, we will!

U.S. Oil Sands Inc., only needs a little more investment capital to begin operating. Let's demand that the company show investors--and the U.S. public--what is really going on with their unproven extraction process.

Send U.S. Oil Sands an email right now with this form. Feel free to edit. Tell them where you are from and why this is important to you.