Stop Neptune Society From Operating in East Oakland!

For over two years residents of East Oakland have fought against a proposal to build a mega-crematorium with the capacity to burn up to 3600 bodies in East Oakland. This community is already over-burdened by pollution and pollution-related diseases like cancer and asthma, in addition to high rates of poverty, unemployment and death from violence.

CBE and community residents, allies and partners have fought this proposed project on a number of fronts, including the legal front. After the City Planning Department issued a permit to Neptune with no Conditional Use Permit, the City Council has passed an Emergency Ordinance (EO) requiring Conditional Use Permits for crematoriums. The Neptune Society sued the City of Oakland, claiming the EO is invalid. In 2013, we had a minor setback when the court ruled that the Neptune Society had a vested right in its permit. Being vested means Neptune won one part of its case against the City. The Oakland Planning Department’s discriminatory application of zoning laws and permitting practices, and the risk that Neptune might win the case, compelled CBE to file our own lawsuit against the City of Oakland. CBE’s lawsuit addresses the planning staff’s incorrect interpretation of the City’s regulation of crematoriums.

By sending the petition below, you are urging the Oakland City Council to make the Neptune Society GO AWAY. More importantly, you are saying that a project of this type and scale must have public notice and environmental review. East Oakland residents have the right to know how Neptune’s project will affect their children’s health now and into the future. Or is the right to know only reserved for the affluent neighborhoods of Oakland?! Neptune does not respect the health of East Oakland residents! If it did, it would do an environmental impact review. The City must protect all residents from an increase of environmental toxins in the air we breathe. The City should be investing in clean, green jobs.

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Subject: DO NOT Let Neptune Society Operate: Make It Go Away