Sneaking in money for a San Mateo Jail? No way!

SB 445 was written as a bill about the pharmaceutical industry.

But this week, with no warning, the author pulled a "gut-and-amend" - a sneaky parlimentary maneuver to turn it into a bill that would send an unspecified amount of money to cover jail construction expenses.

This is a last-ditch effort to fund a new jail - and we're on the very brink of stopping them.  But we have to act today.

Here are three things you can do to defeat SB445 (Hill): Revenue Bond Financing of Prison Construction:

1) Email the Assembly Public Safety Committee (below)

2) Call the Committee

Sample Script:  I am calling to request that you vote against SB 445, Senator Hill's new jail contruction bill in Thursday's Public Safety Hearing. This is a sneaky attempt to fund a new jail construction - the last thing we need!

Tom Ammiano (Chair) Dem - 17

Capitol Office

(916) 319-2017

Melissa A. Melendez (Vice Chair) Rep - 67

Capitol Office

(916) 319-2067

Reginald B. Jones-Sawyer, Sr. Dem - 59

Capitol Office

(916) 319-2059

Holly J. Mitchell Dem - 54

Capitol Office

(916) 319-2054

Bill Quirk Dem - 20

Capitol Office

(916) 319-2020

Nancy Skinner Dem - 15

Capitol Office

(916) 319-2015

Marie Waldron Rep - 75

Capitol Office

(916) 319-2075

3) Attend the hearing

Help us pack the Assembly Public Safety Committee at their hearing this Thursday.  We need your voice there to speak out an oppose this terrible bill.  The meeting on Thursday, August 13th in room 127, time TBD. (Click here for final details).