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Louisiana: Senate Narrowly Rejects House Measure To Amend Jail Time For Second, Third-Time Marijuana Offenders

Members of the state Senate narrowly rejected legislation, House Bill 103, that sought to reduce penalties for repeat marijuana offenders.

If passed, the measure would have lowered criminal sentences for marijuana possession convictions from five years in jail to two (for second offenders) and from 20 years in jail to five (for third-time offenders). According to the measure’s fiscal note, passage of HB 103 would have saved taxpayers $2.2 million in incarceration costs.

House members approved the measure by a 54 to 38 vote. However, Senate members on Thursday, June 6, turned back the measure by a vote of 24 to 11. You can read NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano’s op/ed about the Senate floor debate here.

NORML wishes to thank the nearly 1,500 of you who took the time to contact your elected officials in support of HB 103. Your support helped carry this needed reform legislation through the House and on to the Senate floor.

NORML will continue to update you of future legislative efforts to amend Louisiana’s marijuana laws.


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