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Ohio: Legislature Considers Marijuana Vote Measure

Representative Robert F. Hagan (D-Youngstown) has introduced legislation to put the question of legalizing marijuana on the state ballot. House Joint Resolution 6 asks voters to approve whether to allow people 21 or older to purchase and consume marijuana. Under this proposal, retail sales of marijuana would be limited to state-licensed establishments and would be subject to a 15 percent excise tax.

HJR 6 requires a three-fifths vote for the legislature to put the issue on the ballot. You can read the full text of the measure here.

“With billions upon billions spent on the war on drugs with little progress to show for it, it is time for more-sensible drug policy in this country,”  stated Representative Hagan.

NORML will keep you updated as this proposal moves forward. More information is available from NORML Ohio here.


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