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Federal: Senate: Vote Remains Pending On House Approved Budget Amendment to Defund Medical Marijuana Raids

Senate members have yet to vote on language to bar the US Justice Department from interfering in activities that are compliant  with state medical cannabis laws. But lawmakers are now anticipated to take up the issue some time after they return from the July 4th holiday recess. 

Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Cory Booker (D-NJ) are expected introduce the amendment, which will be similar to language approved by the House earlier this month. Reports indicate that the senators only intend to raise the measure if there exists ample support in the chamber for the amendment’s passage. This means that it is important that your members of the Senate hear from you!

This will be the first time in recent memory that US Senators have ever decided on provisions specific to reforming America's marijuana policies. If the Senate concurs with the House on this matter, the provision would go to the President for his signature.

It is time that we allowed our unique federalist system to work the way it was intended. Patients, providers, and their state representatives should have the authority to enact laws permitting the medical use of cannabis -- free from federal interference.

Please write your members of Senate today and tell them to stop using taxpayer dollars to target and prosecute state-authorized medical marijuana patients and providers. For your convenience, a prewritten letter will be e-mailed to your Senators when you enter your contact information below.


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