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Support the Clean Air Standard Today

President Obama recently announced that new power plants would have to meet a stronger standard when it comes to the amount of pollution they put out into the air. The standard will require new plants to emit fewer greenhouse gases, or carbon pollution, into the air when they operate. And what this means is that new plants will be built cleaner and more energy efficient than current plants.

This safeguard will, like clean air safeguards before it, spur economic growth by driving innovation in clean technologies and speeding the transition to a clean economy; reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change; and are critical to protecting public health and the environment for our children and grandchildren.

Take a minute today to send a comment supporting the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed standard for carbon pollution for new power plants.

We've provided a general comment below. Please feel free to adjust this comment to your liking before submitting it to the EPA.

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PLEASE NOTE: Your name, state and zip are required for comments to, the website EPA may use to collect comments on the labeling petition.  Your information may be posted on, so please only share street and city information if you are comfortable having it made public.