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Make Clean Energy Work for Texas

We're at a crossroads between our economy and our environment. Instead of choosing one over the other, we know that Texas can lead in solar and geothermal the same way we've lead on wind. We can secure our energy independence, create thousands of family-supporting jobs, and protect our precious water resources. 

Texas is rich in renewable energy resources and rich in human potential. Thousands of trained electricians are looking for work in our state. Millions of dollars in clean energy capital investments are sitting on the sidelines. Clean, renewable energy saves consumers money while creating thousands of new jobs. And the PUC has the power to act in order to secure our energy and economic future. 

Tell the PUC you want a sustainable, 21st century economy that embraces clean energy and puts Texans back to work in high-wage, family-supporting jobs.

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Letters will also be printed and delivered to the following:
Honorable Governor Rick Perry
Honorable Chairman Donna Nelson
Honorable Commissioner Rolando Pablos
Honorable Senator John Carona
Honorable Senator Craig Estes
Honorable Senator Robert Nichols
Honorable Representative Myra Crownover
Honorable Represenative James Keffer
Honorable Representative Burt Solomons
Honorable Representative Byron Cook