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THE ALLY from the BlueGreen Alliance
The Ally
The Latest News through a BlueGreen Lens
May 23, 2012 - June 12, 2012 Ally
June 8, 2012 Ally

Cleveland Conference focuses on "Making it Here." Making it Here in Cleveland, OH on July 11-12 will focus on how we can build a cleaner energy future right here in America. Whether you are a clean energy advocate, business owner interested in expanding into the clean energy supply chain, a student, or a legislator or staff, don't miss this exciting and informative event today! Register now. 

BGA Updates

A Call for safer chemicals. It’s time we put people first, it’s time we put public safety first. Read more.

Unemployment numbers should drive movement in Congress. This is a warning sign that gridlock in Congress over job creation initiatives cannot continue. Read more.

BGAers testify in favor of greenhouse gas limits in new power plants. While some try to say that there has to be a choice between having a clean environment or jobs, this is simply not the case. Read more.

Time to get transportation bill done. It has been 959 days and counting and nine short-term extensions since Congress last passed a long-term transportation solution for America. Read more.

BGA Blogs

Karl Rove said what? In a rare show of bipartisanship, political advisor Karl Rove came out in support of the Production Tax Credit for the wind industry, “We need conservative Republicans, who can say, ‘This means jobs to my district...’” Read more.

American jobs at stake if Production Tax Credit not renewed. Every day of uncertainty for the (wind) industry is causing more delayed projects and more layoffs.  Read more.

Green schools around country recognized. When students at 78 schools return to school next fall, they will see a new plaque in the award case. Read more.

A lot has happened since 2005. Since the passage of the transportation bill — which has now been extended in the short-term 10 times by Congress — a lot has happened. For example, Nicholas Cage has acted in 19 movies since 2005. Join our Twitter crusade by pointing out other nuggets of information and using the hashtag #stillwaiting.  Read more.

Labor victories.  Recapping Labor’s victories so far and the many important stories yet to be told.  Read more.

Take Action

Tell The EPA You Support Greenhouse Gas Standards for New Power Plants
President Obama and the EPA recently proposed a pollution standard for new power plants, which requires them to be built cleaner and more energy efficient than existing plants. Submit a comment to the EPA supporting this new standard.

Legislative News

House threatens transportation alternatives. It doesn’t make sense to take away the tiny portion of transportation dollars that trickle to local governments.  Read more.

The gridlock won’t stop. Consistently, this Congress has taken weeks or months to pass even simple, common-sense proposals – proposals that would previously have passed in minutes.  Read more.

Obama administration pans House energy and water bill. The administration said last week that increases in the (Energy and Water) bill would have to be offset by unacceptable and deeper spending cuts elsewhere.  Read more.

Shortsighted view of green jobs tally. Unfortunately, this committee seems more intent on challenging the methodologies used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics rather than helping the people back to work.  Read more.

What’s in your child’s shampoo? In the case of lindane, the cure is worse than disease.  Read more.

Time to reform our toxic chemical laws. It’s shocking that toxic chemicals end up in everyday consumer products, and in our bodies, without anyone proving that they are safe.  Read more.

Administration News

An effort to brighten bulb company’s future. The investments announced today will help expand lighting choices for consumers, reduce the nation’s energy use, and drive down costs for American lighting manufacturers.  Read more.

Clean coal promoted. Advancing the development of clean coal technologies is an important part of President Obama’s strategy to develop every source of American energy.  Read more.

Reducing waste. Standards also encourage refineries to recover gas that can be used as fuel to power equipment at the refinery.  Read more.

U.S. imposes duties on Chinese wind turbines. The Commerce Department announced duties on towers for wind turbines. Read more.

East coast could be home to offshore wind energy surge. The area off of Massachusetts has tremendous energy generation potential.  Read more.

Strengthening advanced manufacturing. A new administration challenge further bolsters our efforts and builds on the momentum we have seen in the manufacturing sector in recent months.  Read more. 

Partner News

USW: What’s at stake when we choose a restaurant?  Read more.

NWF: The Deep Cuts in the Budget Control Act. If this bill were to become law, it would be a major step backwards both for America’s economy and its wildlife.  Read more.

CWA: The one percent can reach into just about every aspect of our political lives. And that must be stopped.  Read more.

Sierra Club: House Republicans will tirelessly rehash ways to put the agenda of big polluters before the needs of their constituents.  Read more.

NRDC: Despite a statutory mandate to ensure the safety of animal drugs, the FDA has done shockingly little to address these risks.  Read more.

Union of Concerned Scientists: Corporations' increased ability to influence policy should come with an increased responsibility to let the public know how they are doing so. Read more.

BGA on AFT: Training today is preparing students for 21st century jobs tomorrow.  Read more.

BGA on AFT: How AFT is Teaching Sustainability. Read more.

Clean Energy News

The relationship between fine particulate matter pollution and premature mortality is well established.  Read more.

Smart meters have changed the way we interact with our customers.  Read more.

Mass transit is up, it's nationwide and ridership is soaring.  Read more.

 Along with an increased use of renewables, efficiency and growing self-generation are driving corporate energy strategy discussions.  Read more.

Climate Corner

If current trends continue, if current patterns of production and consumption of national resources prevail and cannot be reversed and 'decoupled', then governments will preside over "unprecedented levels of damage and degradation.  Read more.

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