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Last year we battled Monsanto in the U.S. Supreme Court – and we were victorious in maintaining the four year ban on the planting and sale of GM alfalfa. CFS’s other major lawsuit against the USDA and Monsanto and friends resulted in a victory and a ban on the planting and sale of GMO sugar beets. Again in November, CFS won in the courts when a federal judge ordered the removal and destruction of the GMO sugar beets because they were illegally planted. This was the first time ever that a court ordered the destruction of a GMO crop. Now, not surprisingly, Monsanto is challenging our successful sugar beet victory, and using all their power and political will to appeal this case.

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As you can imagine, with their profits on the line in light of their recent defeats, Monsanto and other biotech companies are fighting back and ramping up for an extended legal battle. Using their political influence, they were able to take our alfalfa victory all the way up to the Supreme Court. While our victories are exciting and precedent setting, this has put a tremendous financial burden on our organization and stretched our staff to capacity.

Now, USDA has announced that it will fully deregulate Roundup Ready, GE alfalfa, despite the risks it acknowledges to organic and conventional farmers in its Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). CFS plans to immediately sue USDA for this improper and illegal approval—and we hope to win. But in order to take on these new legal challenges, your financial support is needed today.

Please support CFS today by making a donation to CFS’s Legal Fund! This is a crucial time in the fight to preserve the integrity of organic, protect the consumers’ right to know, stand up for organic and conventional farmers, and protect our environment from the hazards of GE crops.

While we are confident that we will continue to succeed in these legal battles, your support is needed now more than ever to help us continue our fight to defend the rights of farmers and fishers and protect our food, our health, and our environment.

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