PDA is the grassroots political action committee that works inside and outside of the Democratic Party. We consider ourselves the insurgents within the party, working with outside groups to call for single payer healthcare, ending the war in Afghanistan, cutting the military budget, canceling the tar sands pipeline, overturning the Citizens United v FEC Supreme Court decision, etc.

Let's make 2012 the Year of the Progressive. PDA already has a full slate of progressive candidates and we always have a full slate of issues that we fight to achieve throughout the year.

We plan to turn up the street heat in 2012 locally here in Massachusetts, in DC and throughout the country. Your donation helps us pay to host events, support candidates and keep the progressive message out in front.

Andrea Miller and Stephen Spitz
Virginia State Coordinators

Checks can be mailed to:

Kimberly Buchan, Operations Coordinator
Progressive Democrats of America
P.O. Box 150064
Grand Rapids, MI 49515-0064

If you have questions regarding contributions contact:


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