Current Actions

  • Join the Fight to Keep Voting in Virginia Hassle-Free

    More tricks from the General Assembly

    Despite having previously voted on which photo IDs people will be able to use when they vote, the State Board of Elections is reconsidering the regulations due to pressure from State Senator Mark Obenshain.

    Up for consideration is whether or not expired IDs should be acceptable for voting. The expiration date of an ID card has no bearing on whether an individual is who they say they are. In fact, several acceptable photo IDs have no expiration date, including the one you can get from your local registrar!

    Changing the rules now will result in confusion and leave us with too little time to educate voters before the November elections. Read more about our take in an op-ed written by Tram and published in The Virginian-Pilot.

    Voting is the one time we are all equal – it is up to us to make sure Virginia lives up to that promise. Will you join us in telling the State Board of Elections to reject any new changes to the existing rules?

    Visit Virginia’s Regulatory Town Hall website here and make your voice heard!

  • Act Now to Close the Coverage Gap

     Dear Representative,

    I am writing you because I want to see the coverage gap closed.

  • Climate Change is Real - Let’s #ActOnClimate

    Every community in Virginia is seeing major impacts of climate change (or “global warming” as you may have heard before), and it’s about time we talked about how we are being impacted. Our local officials are finally taking notice, but they need to hear from you so that we can all better prepare our communities to thrive in the changing environment.

    On Monday, June 2 the Environmental Protection Agency released rules to cut carbon emissions, and we want to make sure our elected officials take notice. If you live in areas such as Hampton Roads that are affected by sea level rise or like Richmond where asthma is all too prevalent you must speak up. If you live in Lynchburg where the oil tank recently spilled into the James River, or in areas exposed to the dust from coal plants in West Virginia you must speak up. Virginia can lead the charge in climate change policy that helps all communities, but they cannot do this without your help.

  • Tell House Republicans you want Medicaid expansion NOW!

    The polls show that the majority of our state’s registered voters back the expansion of our state-federal health program for the poor, but House Republicans are refusing to consider any expansion to Medicaid. We don’t have time to wait for them to get their act together. Call and email your delegate, and tell them you want Medicaid expansion now!