We deserve better

We cannot afford to allow nearly half a million Virginians to go uninsured. Tell your representative you support expanding healthcare for all.

Take action now!

Obamacare allows Virginia to provide health coverage for more than 400,000 Virginians by expanding Medicaid coverage. Yet Gov. Bob McDonnell steadfastly refuses to implement it.

That is not just bad politics. It is bad medicine for all Virginians.

Fact: A recent study says expanding Medicaid would grow our state’s economy by $4 billion over the next six years.

Fact: That same study estimates Virginia would spend 7% less on healthcare by expanding Medicaid coverage rather than opting out.

Fact: Adopting the Affordable Care Act will create 31,000 new jobs in Virginia.

McDonnell and his allies in the State Senate need to know that expanding Medicaid must be Richmond’s No. 1 Priority this legislative session.

We've heard a lot of excuses from Gov. McDonnell and his State Senate allies about expanding healthcare.

Enough is enough!

Nearly half a million Virginians cannot go another day without healthcare.

Tell your Representative: Expand medicaid today and give Virginians they care they deserve.
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