Become a Citizen

Become a US citizen. Become a Virginia leader.

All residents of Virginia have a critical role to play in creating a democratic, just, and sustainable Commonwealth. US Citizens have a unique set of privileges and responsibilities to build a progressive future for Virginia. Northern Virginia alone has over 30,000 residents that are eligible to apply for citizenship.

New Virginia Majority is helping eligible residents become citizens and neighborhood activists for a fair and secure future.

NVM holds regular citizenship clinics to help individuals complete their citizenship applications. We work with community partners and local churches to determine eligibility, process applications, and provide individual legal assistance to applicants. Hundreds of residents have attended our clinics, and many are on their way to full citizenship. Some of our local partners include CARECEN, the Hispanic Bar Association, Holy Family Catholic Church, Our Lady of the Angels, and St. Pauls UMC, and Todos Supermarket in Woodbridge.

We also conduct NVM Democracy Schools to prepare applicants for the citizenship exam and to be long-time citizen activists in their communities.

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