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In 2009, Janice Howe's grandchildren were illegally taken from her by the South Dakota State Department of Social Services. After fighting for a year and a half, she finally got them back.

Last year, her story was told on on NPR. Since then, she's become an inspiration to hundreds of Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota families with stories just like hers. But the forces they're up against are strong: deeply-rooted prejudice against Indian tribes and families and a system that gives financial incentives to the state every time they take native children from their homes.

Let Janice Howe—and all the other parents, grandparents, and relatives like her—know that we're behind them. Use the form at the right side of this page to send a letter of support today.

Dear Janice,

I write to offer my best wishes to you and all of the Native American mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, and relatives suffering injustice at the hands of South Dakota's state agencies and authorities. I sympathize with your journey!

The forum that you organized to educate others about their rights was an historic event! Please continue your efforts. Know that I stand with you and the Lakota People's Law Project in defending the rights of all Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota families who share your story!


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