Garden Aid 2013, Nell Robinson Music and Fiskars Project Orange Thumb

Dear ACGA Members and Friends ~

We are reaching out to you with some exciting news!!!! This week, on
Wednesday, March 20th (the official first day of spring), is being
proclaimed, "Garden Aid Day."   This is a national day of recognition of our
mutual love of gardening created in collaboration with Nell Robinson Music and
Fiskar's Project Orange Thumb. It's meant to be a day of celebration of gardening
and solidarity for all those who engage in and support the traditions and values
held by the American Community Gardening Association (ACGA). We are encouraging
all of our members to take part in this celebration of the love of gardening on
the 20th, and through the weekend, by symbolically visiting your local community
garden to plant seeds, cuttings or a small plant in the garden your choice, if only in
your own backyard!  While you are doing this thousands of other individuals, who
also love gardening are doing the same in cities around the country.

To launch Garden Aid Day, ACGA has been collaborating with critically
acclaimed recording artists, Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally (,
who are preparing for the national release of their new album, "House and Garden"
on May 21st and upcoming PBS specials. Nell and Jim are passionate about the
role of gardens in our lives, health and community.  In addition to bringing together
community partners like ACGA and Fiskars, these artists have endorsed our
work by featuring our logo on their album packaging.  Their new album was
inspired by both artists love of natural life, their gardens and the central
place they play in both of their home-lives, friendships and relationships.

Be sure to save this link: and on Garden
Aid Day you can download a free song from these amazing artists.  Also,
enjoy watching their new music video, "Life in the Garden," that was filmed
our Southside Community Garden, also a Fiskar's "Project Orange Thumb"
garden, located in Sacramento.  I spent the day with them and their love and
appreciation for our urban gardens has inspired a collaboration with ACGA
which we all hope will grow.  Please visit our home webpage to see the video
and share it with friends!

Over the last several months, in preparation for Garden Aid Day, Nell and
Jim have introduced us to a number of major corporate community partners,
which are now officially participating in "Garden Aid Day."  We are proud to
tell you that Fiskars, the largest producer of gardening tools, will be
donating gardening kits to ACGA for 10 worthy gardens.  In addition, Burpee
has agreed to donate seeds to be included in each of the Fiskars gardening
tool kits. These kits will be distributed by ACGA to worthy community
gardens associated with our organization, throughout the country.

We see this first annual "Garden Aid Day" as an event that will take place
every year, with many exciting developments unfolding in the next few years.
Much as "Farm Aid" has become an annual event, which supports our farmers,
we have hopes that "Garden Aid" will drive awareness, community
participation and funding to break new ground for community gardens in
cities across the U. S. and abroad for years to come.  Like any holiday,
this day of planting and celebration gives us all a chance to focus national
awareness on the community gardening movement around the world.
Please write us and let us know that you will be a part of Garden Aid Day,
even in a small way by planting a small plant or seeds in your local
community garden, or even in your own backyard. Remember, from a single seed
a mighty garden can grow!!!!!  It would be wonderful to hear back from you
about your experiences of "Garden Aid Day," in relation to you and your
local community gardens.  We are planning to post the most fun and
interesting comments and photos on the ACGA web site.  Send your notes and
pictures to

Thanks to all.

Bobby Wilson, President and Bill Maynard, VP, ACGA



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