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Yesterday in the House of Representatives, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan introduced a budget that, according to a New York Times editorial, "...would reverse the country’s nascent economic growth, kill millions of real and potential jobs, and deprive those suffering the most of social assistance."  


Today, there is an alternative we can all support: the Congressional Progressive Caucus "Back to Work" budget. This budget truly invests in people through the creation of nearly 7 million jobs in one year! These jobs would support infrastructure, education, and public works programs — things our communities need to thrive.  

The "Back to Work" budget also repeals the spending caps and sequestration cuts, focusing instead on increased revenues through fair individual and corporate tax rates. The cuts it does include are focused on wasteful Pentagon spending. 

The "Back to Work" budget will come to the House floor next week, and we need every Wage Peace supporter to contact their House members and ask them to support it

Nearly 5,000 of you emailed Congress to say it's time to cut the wasteful F-35 weapons system. Let's keep the momentum going! 

Thanks for your energy!

Mary Zerkel and Peter Lems
American Friends Service Committee

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Ps. You'll probably notice that the "Back to Work" budget gets very little play in the mainstream media, unlike the coverage of the Ryan budget yesterday. So share this email with your friends after you take action!

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