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Help Us Raise $200,000 by Midnight December 31 to Receive Matching Funds!

"We don't have a right to ask whether we're going to succeed or not. The only question we have a right to ask is what's the right thing to do? What does this earth require of us if we're going to continue to live on it?"

- Wendell Berry

Monsanto and Coca-Cola will continue to pollute and poison as long as the profits pour in. It's up to us to stop them. Because it's the right thing to do.

Please make a year-end, tax-deductible contribution to the Organic Consumers Association. If we raise $200,000 by midnight December 31, natural health leader will donate a matching $200,000.

More than 80 percent of our support comes from individual consumers like you, who understand that real change comes from the grassroots. Please donate today. You can donate online with a credit card by filling out the form on this page. Thank you!

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