You might know Malik… Maybe you’ve seen his photos documenting challenges D.C. youth face. Or heard him  testify at City Council hearings in support of arts education and effective school discipline policies. Or teach Critical Exposure classes for other D.C. youth.   But you might not recognize Malik if you’d known him in 2010… Before he had a way to cope with the loss of his brother.  Before his sister saw a CE flier and dragged him to our door.  Before he knew he had a voice.  Before Critical Exposure.    Malik’s transformation illustrates the power of Critical Exposure’s approach.   “I felt I had a voice that mattered. I used untapped capabilities while being appreciated for them. More programs like Critical Exposure should exist where young people have  avenues to experience their own power, to work together to make change in their world. Critical Exposure was essential to me becoming the person I am today.”  Malik is one of 1,800 students who’ve learned how to use photography and advocacy to  become civic leaders, and that they have the right and ability to fight for solutions to the problems they face. In fact, 85% of youth who complete a CE program believe that they can transform their community.  That’s a big deal. In D.C., only 11% of people with college degrees join civic or service groups. With a high school degree or less, it drops to 1%. There are lots of explanations, but one is that people don’t think they can make a difference.  Imagine what could happen if 85% of people believed they could transform their  community by working together.   Help give more young people like Malik the opportunity and confidence to become change agents. Make a holiday gift to support courageous students. Please fill out the  enclosed card, or donate online at  And Malik? He graduated from high school last June and is now spending a year at the Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence in Rochester, NY, teaching middle school students how to change their worlds.   This is the Malik we know.   Best, Adam Levner Executive Director & Co-Founder

See more of Malik's photos or his multimedia piece about his experince in DCPS.

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$35 | Frames one student photo (ensuring all students see their photos exhibited). 
$150 | Provides one student with a digital camera to document challenges they face.
$250 | Covers the cost of one student’s transportation to ensure they can participate in Critical Exposure for a full year. | Receive a CE 2015 calendar
$500 | Sends one student to a national conference to develop an expansive network of young leaders. | Receive a CE book
$1,000 | Sponsors a year’s worth of training for a Critical Exposure Fellow. A gift of this level qualifies you for the Gordon Parks Society. To learn more, click here. | Receive a CE book and calendar

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