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Your donation today gives you the opportunity to help end the unfairness and inequality produced by government sponsorship of casinos and lotteries. 

As a a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization, we take very seriously the responsibility that our supporters entrust in us when they invest time and resources in our organization. Thrift is one of our core organizational values and it is reflected in how we use our resources. More than 85% of all money raised was spent on our program of public education and research in 2013.

We have earned the 2013 GuideStar Exchange Seal awarded to organizations who have demonstrated nonprofit transparency and accountability. View our Guidestar profile here. To view our Form 990s (the financial statements we file with the IRS) and our IRS recognition letter as a 501 (c)(3), please visit here.

In addition to your generous donation, please consider shopping at the Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation store where a portion of each purchase helps us effectively challenge this policy.

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Thanks to our supporters, we are accomplishing this goal by moving forward on several fronts including:

1) An American Declaration on Government and Gambling: To help put this on the national agenda, we are enlisting the support of more than five hundred opinion leaders as well as more than 500,000 concerned citizens from across the nation to sign a public declaration of our principles and intentions that directly confronts the cynicism demonstrated by state governments to prey on the weakness of its low income and less educated citizens to raise money.

2) Our "Voices" initiative: When the losers are invisible, the winners are invincible. We are working to strengthen our capacity to connect with the millions of gambling addicts and their families across America to help them agitate for change through the web and through personal contact. Partly because predatory gambling interests fund most of the gambling addiction treatment in America, the victims and their families have been pushed into the shadows of our society and they have not spoken out in large numbers. We will not succeed until this constituency comes forward and puts a human face on this issue.

3) Online Education Initiative

Our online communications effort includes two priorities: first, continuing to develop a dynamic and content-rich SPG website so that it is the go-to source for information about government and gambling in the U.S.; and second, sharing the latest information about government’s failed gambling policy by email, Facebook and Twitter.

4) Faith in Action Initiative

We are working to better develop the large and diverse communities of faith who already oppose government's predatory gambling policy by establishing study groups in hundreds, and ultimately thousands, of churches, temples and mosques all over the nation.

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